Welcome to the personal page of Vincent Pochet.

I'm a Ruby on Rails and Go developer based in Geneva, Switzerland and the co-founder of the Ruby42 web agency.

(Almost) everything about me:

        me = {
            name:              'Vincent Pochet',
            email:               'vincent . pochet @ gmail . com',    // Remove spaces
            job:                    'Co-founder at Ruby42',
            twitter:             '@vin100pochet',
            github:             'vincent-pochet',
            coordinates:   { lat: 46.2050295, long: 6.1440885 },
            linkedin:          'http://www.linkedin.com/in/vincentpochet',
            speakerdeck: 'https://speakerdeck.com/vin100',
            hobbies:           ['Music', 'Cinema', 'Literature', 'Mountain Bike', 'Hiking'],
            facebook:        'vin100pochet',
            instagram:      'p_vin100'
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